Don’t forget about the contest! Schnauzer chance!

12 08 2010

bass clefOkay, lads and lassies, you may remember that I’m conducting a contest on behalf of Gold Medal Ideas. We’re soliciting designs fur our new character, a musical dog that should be created using a bass clef in some fashion. See the bass clef on the right.

I’m delighted to say, we have received some fun and very creative submissions! All have been very fetching. Howl we choose a wiener? Well, we’ll continue to accept submissions through September 1, 2010 until we setter on one that really bowls us over.

In the meantime, we’ve herd some good questions from some interested parties and I’d like to give you a few pointers. I don’t want to stifle any creativity so I’m sorry if I’m being vague, but I want you to em-bark on this project without any preconceived notions.

The “model” that we’re using is Meowsic CatMeowsic Cat, seen here on the left. She has been created from a treble clef and she’s all in one piece. Several people have asked me how to handle the bass clef, which is made of several pieces. The dog can just suggest a bass clef. It doesn’t have to be bass clef exactly. Our goal is to have somebody look at it and say “hey, that dog is a bass!” Meowsic needs a paw-tner!

Several people have asked about colors. Ideally, it would be able to be printed in black and white. That being said, Meowsic has these pesky whiskers and she can’t be just black and white, so she has some gray.

Several people have ask if they have to make him full front, can they make him viewed from the side, can it be just his head. Give us what you’ve got, we want to see any and all ideas. Think outside the boxer! There are no bad ideas—we won’t put you in the doghouse!

I very very firmly believe that there are NO bad ideas in the creative process. When people create, they should have as much freedom as they need to bring their ideas to the table. Feel free to send more than one idea! This may be yorkie to success. It’s a project you can really sink your teeth into.

Send your design ideas to me at If we choose your design, or the main part of your design, we will give you a cash prize — $200. You will give us all rights to him forever and ever. Your name will be published on this here blog. We’ll make him famous.

Official Rules & Release Form

We  want to throw everyone a bone so to wheaten the pot, everyone who submits a design, along with the attached rules and release, filled out and digitally signed, will be entered in a drawing to receive a $25 cash prize. This form must be filled out in Adobe Reader 8.0 or above. Adobe Reader is available as a free download. You may submit more than one entry but each entry must be sent in a separate e-mail and each entry must be accompanied by a signed release. Don’t be afraid to submit ruff sketches. You send it, we’ll retrieve it!

Okay, I’ve hounded you enough fur now…





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