And…we have a wiener!

7 09 2010

For all of you who submitted designs, inquired about submitting designs or were just anticipating the results, we thank you!

We received a whole bunch of wonderful, original, exciting design ideas for our design-Meowsic-Cat’s-dog-friend contest. I will post a few of them next week.

The winning design was submitted my Ms. Wendy Witt, Retired Naval Commander, who is just started her new career as a French teacher at Elgin and Larkin High Schools in Elgin Illinois. Wendy wasn’t going to submit her design but she did and the rest will be history! She won $200.

We drew a name from all of the submitters to win the $25 submission prize and it was won by Irina Gelman.

The new dog’s name, is Woofer.  We’re finalizing his look now and we hope to debut him late next week. If you’re so inclined, you can join his Facebook page now  or you can wait to see how cute he is before you join!

Sorry to be so brief, but time is short and I have a lot to do!

Shana Tova — a Good Year — to all of you celebrating Rosh Hashana — the Jewish New Year — this week. I hope you have a sweet and healthy 5771.




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